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REVOLUCIÓ, the project of bROOTS.



bROOTS   is a majorcan reggae band created in 2013 by Toni  Muntaner " Xango " (voice) and Llorenç Barceló (keyboards) . Soon they incorporate Nico Soto (drums) and Josep Castell (bass in the concerts) .  "Revolution" demo was recorded between 2013 and 2014 , with the collaboration of Víctor Tugores (bass in studio) , Miquel Muntaner (guitars in the studio) , Eduard Riera (flute) , Poly Bauzà (vocals) , Maria Rosselló (vocals) and Miquel Brunet (recording and production) at ONA STUDIOS in Bunyola (Mallorca)



The album "Revolution" is the presentation  of bROOTS as a band. We intend to record it with the best conditions, both artistic and technical production because, as the writer Jaume Santandreu "ethics can reach people through aesthetics ."


My dream is to get a personal ethical message to all the people who listen  our songs . A speech committed Mallorca , which can be transferred to other places and social environtments, and is based on equality, respect and solidarity. I hope that my vision of a sustainable future is open to everyone who came to listen, but also to those who simply want to enjoy the music .


Reggae is happy music, while mystical and relaxing, but mostly serves to express oneself, to protest and raise awareness . Music that, hopefully , invites us to defend our rights and act against injustice around us.  Songs of revolt, help us not to lose hope of moving towards a fairer world , especially in times like the present, where we  find justice nowhere.

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