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CHROMATIC CONNECTIONS of Miquel Brunet & Mercè Pons



Chromatic Connections presents Balearic Islands in a Mediterranean which stimulates the five senses. A sonorous landscape, a journey of sensations between islands, portrayed by the pentatonic mode that serves as a basis for the piece. Creative scholasticism (rhythm, density, tessitura, dynamics, tempo...) gives itself over heart and soul to produce a score that drinks from our nearest and dearest sonorous setting.

In this way, a glance at the Chopin piano in Mallorca, the string as Menorcan horses, vocal lines with Lullian verses, ethnic percussion, Eivissa through electronic loops and the soprano saxophone playing the lead in some rapturous jazz, supported by the “cant pagès redoblat” (peasant singing) traditional to the Pitiüses (the Pine Islands, Eivissa and Formentera), the “espasí” (metal percussion instrument shaped and worn like a sword and hit with a dagger), the “flabiol” (woodwind instrument, a type of three-hole pipe) and the “xeremia” (Balearic type of bagpipe), all symbols of our identity.

Therefore, rather than talk about orchestration, Chromatic Connections should be defined as Mediterranean sound mimicry.

A chromatic fantasy with a Lullian spirit, which with a combination of 5 notes seeks to cross boundaries and establish a terminology that is acceptable to all, in accordance with the postulates of Ramon Llull. Inside this sensorial world, a delicate theme made up of four notes plus a fifth, trying to break through, changing color continuously throughout its moods.

The message by Ramon Llull (recited on occasions and set to music on others in the voice of a soprano) is joined by the retrogression of a Hegelian maxim: “nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”.

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