Audiovisual Landscapes of Mediterranean Arts

ILLÒTIC. Talaiotic echoes



Illòtic is an adventure. In this project we have made a fantastic utopian journey to a place that is distant from nowadays culture. It is a space where centuries have transformed it into centurial dust. An enclave which existed and throbbed but there is nothing left of it in our memories.


With this travelling craziness into a no- where place -an empty echo and sonori- ties already forgotten- we want to attain the impossible: to relive the sonorous emotions of this ancient culture. To look at something from a different angle which complements the material remains of that people.


A credible sound or an echoing landscape by the vibrant material that has been used instead of a musical reconstruction. Illòtic does not want to be a music or a word but a reasoned speculation of a possible sonorous musical landscape through the archaeological remains, trough anthropologic interpretation, through the logic of the instruments and their symbolic sense.

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