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POEMA HARMÒNIC, "Pau Villalonga's Mass"



Pau Villalonga's choir book, the Llibre de Faristol, is, along with other repertoires and scores, one of the most important documents in the music collection of Majorca's Chapter Archive. Until the start of the XX century the music books were spread between the choir masters, organists, musicians and staff of the Cathedral. The cataloguing of music materials began shortly before Canon Josep Miralles Sbert completed the catalogue of the Chapter Archive. In mid-1907 the music collection discovered in the Cathedral's bell-tower was added to the archive, and the archivist Canon Mateu Rotger donated Pau Villalonga's original to the Cathedral. On 4 July 1907 the Chapter agreed to send maestro Pau Villalonga's book to Felip Pedrell, on the recommendation of Antoni J. Pont. That August Pedrell had prepared a report highlighting the excellence of the Mass and calling for it to be adapted for performance. However, the manuscript's definitive restoration, in the workshops of the Spanish National Library, was not completed until 1975, since when it has been kept in the Chapter Archive of Majorca, where it can be consulted.

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