Audiovisual Landscapes of Mediterranean Arts

ON THE BEACH. Esther Bosch & Miquel Brunet



On the Beach Vol. 0. The Medwinds Sound

Esther Bosch is a versatile singer who doesn't fit any cliché. Born from a Cuban mother and a Majorcan father, she herself is the result of a crossbreeding process. This genetic circumstance provides a first clue about her talent. Yet, listening to her singing is enough to appreciate it. Her voice full of registers and nuances has performed well known tunes and composed magnificent songs. For the last years, jazz has become her great passion. She sings in perfect English, Spanish and Majorcan. She grew up being a member of groups such as 'Galatzó Blues Band' or 'Mar de Música'. She has also sung in a musical duo with Tià (Sebastián) Cardell, the guitar player, and has collaborated with the singer-songwriter Javier Esteve as well as with Molly Duncan, Deborah Carter, Toni Cuenca and Naoki Kenji. In 2010, she started a career as a soloist.

Miquel Brunet is a pianist, a composer and an audiovisual producer. For more than twenty years his job has focused on musical production in both its artistic and its technical side related to sound and recording. He is the head of his own Production and Audiovisual Editing Centre: Ona Edicions Musicals. This company, together with Ona Digital, his former company, has published more than 300 references in different formats from long-playing records and cassettes to CDs and DVDs. Ona Edicions Musicals has produced the album 'On the Beach', brought out by Medwinds. This means that love at first sight is more a matter of elective affinity than a matter of destiny. One day Brunet opted for the following motto: "Audiovisual Landscapes of Mediterranean Arts". And Medwinds is utterly Mediterranean. They are two of a kind… Everything fits.

Medwinds presents its new album, full of rhythms, brightness, colours and lots of Medswing. Part of his project of collaborations On the Beach, was recorded in Mallorca and invites you to rediscover the eclectic and catchy sound of the Mediterranean.


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